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Helping others live their best life is my passion.

Dr. Juleun A. Johnson has served both his church and community and seeks to engage people, assisting them to live the most fulfilling life.  Dr. Johnson's four-fold approach to life is living a life of humility, integrity, passion and service.  These attributes have been shared with countless couples, groups, individuals and teams over the past few years. Now a new web home hosts the command center for activities, inspiration, and information. 

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Johnson has served as a speaker and effective communicator for groups both small and large. He has a spoken on college and university campuses, for conventions and convocations, church services, retreats, and offers a wide array of seminars, and equipping opportunities for individuals, couples, employees and teams. 

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If you will open yourself and allow God to take your issues, your heart and soul can be free of burdens and pain. Day 19
— Dr. Juleun A. Johnson from Five Minutes On Purpose