Support for  Churches, Groups, Seekers, Innovators, Thought Leaders

Areas of Practice


Community Empowerment Tour 

The Community Empowerment Tour focuses on teaching community leaders and groups about effective end-of-life care practices.  These high energy presentations can be done in a one-day session or broken into two days on the weekend.  Participants will leave having a better understanding of advanced directives, legacy, planning and resilience through the grief process.  For dates and availability fill out the form in the contact section. 


Seminars are presentations for groups and teams that are able to assist you to learn more about forgiveness, gratitude, successfully make life transformations, and live to your full potential. Topics for seminars and presentations may be tailor-made to meet needs. For a list of presentations, please click on the articles link. 

Crisis & Grief Support

Everybody goes through something. The intensity of each experience may call for a different approach to being resilient.  I am able to assist your group with planned events to help you or your team members to properly assist in honoring the legacy of your colleagues.  This can be done through rituals and resources. 

Clergy Training

Training is available to full-time and bi-vocational clergy of all faith. Sessions will include education on hospital orientation, pastoral visits, debriefing, honoring parishioners, intensive care unit (ICU) orientation, and effective self-care methods.  These training modules will aid you in serving more effectively from diagnosis to post-death or crisis. You and your team will be equipped to minister to the needs of your parish and community.

Pre-Marital Coaching

Following an intake session, couples are encouraged to spend time with each other.  The sessions occur face-to-face: in person or via a media outlet. Sessions last a minimum of 6 hours total.   


Retreats are  available in several areas: for planning and visioning, pre-marriage, marriage retreats and leadership summits. Each retreat is available in a one-day or weekend format convenient for those who are interested in forming and making deeper bonds in communication, conflict, and collaboration with those in your family, group, church, or employee team.

leader/individual coaching 

I believe people are called to be more!  More what, you ask?  I believe that inside us is a gift waiting to be discovered, reopened, or repackaged. Some persons need help discovering, their gifts and talents. I will assist you in finding your niche, assist you in getting the most out of your team, and embracing your gifts and talents. 


I believe that inside each of us is a gift waiting to be discovered, reopened, or repackaged.
— Dr. Juleun A. Johnson